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Misuse of powers - Law and Order?

Law will take its own course

Law will take its own course is a myth. The police administration is a tool for the party in power. There are a number of tools that a party in power can use to corrupt the police administration into serving their needs. Jayalalitha uses the following:

  • Intimidation: This is her favorite tool. AIADMK Goons would assualt anyone the party leader wants. Their house would be ransacked. The police officials will be instructed to conveniently turn a blind eye to it.
  • Protection: In all Goonda Raj systems, with intimidation comes protection. In the olden days, it used to be payment of money in return for protection. Today, Police Officals and party members are protected, promoted and pampered in return for servicing illegal goals.
  • Foisting false cases: This is a method that Jayalalitha seems to be perfecting with every passing day. I haven't seen any other chief minister use this so expertly as Jayalalitha does. Lots of people are under the misunderstanding that the police need evidence to arrest you. WRONG. They don't need evidence to arrest you, they only need to produce the evidence partially during bail hearings and completely under Trial hearings. Here is how the law works against an accused:
      • The police don't need evidence to arrest you. This is a huge misunderstanding that the comman man has. The discussion of evidence is done only at the trial stage which will be many years away.
      • Arrests are often done on a Friday week-end. The reason is that the judiciary does not operate on the weekend and this means that you cannot apply for bail. Many Higher court rulings have been passed restrictions to stop the Friday week-end arrest, but the police always find ways to work around the restrictions.
      • A warrant is not needed for cognizable offences like Murder. So the police try to arrest you only for these kinds of offences.
      • Magistrates are supposed to be neutral and they are the first line of counter-balance to the police. However it never works that way. Only once in India has a remand been denied and that was for Indira Gandhi. Remands (that is detaining an accused) and remand extensions are routine. No discussion of the evidence and no cross-questioning of the police is ever done. Since it is the prerogative of the government to transfer magistrates, they rarely act in a neutral way and are overwhelmingly biased towards the police
      • Small time criminals like pick-pocketers are used as tools to foist cases. They are blackmailed (like using Goondas Act on them), threatened and tortured by the police into giving a confession in a way they want. These criminals are not well-represented and therefore don't get good legal advice. This makes them vulnerable to succumb to Police demands.
      • The bail application can be easily delayed by the prosecution team. Some standard excuses are that the senior prosecutor is busy with something else, the papers are not ready, investigation has turned up new evidence etc. Each time a bail application is delayed, the case is postponed by the courts by 2 or more weeks.
      • The Police demolish your reputation by saying whatever they want in courts, in press meetings and by leaking to the press. They can say anything they want without fear of consequences such as you have confessed or incriminating documents have been found in your house or they have proof that other women have confessed to having a relationship with you etc. Please note here that proof need not be shown. The mere statement by the police has a devastating effect on the individual and his family.
      • The prosecution can freeze your assets making it difficult for you to pay your bills and pay for good lawyers.
      • They can invoke Goondas Law if they feel the courts will release you on bail. The law is written in such a way that it is highly slanted against the accused. You will have to represent your case by yourself. All of this makes your chance of being freed remote.
      • The police will apply arrest warrants on you on a staggered basis, very slowly, one at a time. If you are freed on bail in one case, you will be served with an arrest warrant on the second case. You cannot come out of jail until you get bail on all your arrests. This is yet another commonly used strategy to prolong your stay in jail.
      • The prosecution can send comlaint letters to professional bodies like ICAI asking them to revoke your professional licence.
      • They can call you / your friends / relatives for questioning at any time of the day, at any police station they want without providing reasons. They can arrest / threaten to arrest (even under a non-bailable section of the law) claiming that you have withheld evidence during questioning.
      • Delay your case in trial by deliberately increasing the witness list. This requires more time to cross-question each witness thus prolonging the case and your misery
      • The prosecution could appeal in higher courts any lower court judgement in your favor thus prolonging your case even further
      • The police can plant evidence and tamper with evidence. They can claim that they the murder weapon along with the accused' fingerprint in your house. They retrieved wads of money from your house etc etc. It would be the job of the defence to disprove such claims and you will need to have a top class law team to be able to do that.
      • As you can see, the case will go on for decades. In the meantime, the judge may retire or be retired or even pass away in which case, the whole case will be tried again from scratch further prolonging the judgement.
      • Fighting the police requires lot of money, time and patience. Each bail application costs 25,000 Rs with 2 sureties. Filing anticipatory bail requires similar amounts of money. Your travel will become highly restricted. You must present yourself for every court hearing. If you miss even one hearing, the prosecution could demand for cancellation of your bail. The bail restrictions will be stifling. You will be asked to present yourself in front of a police station every week. The police could insult you, taunt you and treat you like dirt. However, If you make the mistake of losing your temper, a case of misdemeanour will be slapped on you.

Law turning a blind eye when her members are involved

  • Human Righs Violation by S.P. Premkumar on Mr.Henri Tiphagne, Mr. Nizamudeen: (Oct 04).

The Human Rights organization made a protest on the illegal detention of Human Rights activist, but they the case went into cold storage. Read it at Manitham.
Now-a-days, Tamil Nadu Police aiming their gun points directly to Civil Rights movements and Non-Governmental Organisations, who are exposing their violent activities to the general public as well to the proper authorities. These activities are totally undemocratic by the police. We requesting the State/Central, Human Rights Commission, International Human Rights Movements to taken immediate action against these culprits.
Also Read about this incident here. Appeal for help by ahrchk (Asian Human Rights Commission Hong Kong) 2. As can only be expected, the police officer involved, S.P.Premkumar was completely shielded and protected by the government. No action was taken on him to date.
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that 16 prominent human rights defenders including Mr. Henri Tiphagne, executive director of People's Watch-Tamil Nadu, have been illegally arrested by the Cuddalore police while they were conducting a human rights training program this morning (11 October 2004).
They are currently detained at the Cuddalore Town Hall Police Station.AHRC managed to reach Mr. Henri Tiphagne over the phone and learned that they he and the group has not been informed of reason for their arrest, and have not seen any document related to their arrest.
The preventive detention order is clearly intended just for the police officers involved to cover themselves and further intimidate human rights defenders. The AHRC calls on you to write letters and make phone calls demanding that all charges against the concerned persons be dropped and that the police officers involved in this incident be subjected to full and independent disciplinary inquires without delay.

  • The dharmapuri case is a classic case to examine misuse of power. In 2000, three girls were killed when an angry mob comprising mostly AIADMK workers set ablaze a Coimbatore Agriculture University bus near Dharmapuri. Since this involved her party members, Jayalalitha has done everything under its control to save the guilty. The government threatened and forced the witness to turn hostile (retract their confessions). On Sep 2003, the Madras High Court Judge, Hon'ble Justice V Kanakaraj ordered the retrial of the Dharmapuri bus burning case . The government conveniently ignored the order and never appointed a prosecutor. The entire case has been delayed and frozen for over 5 years now. Jayalalitha by not appointing a prosecutor is behaving a leech. She gets happiness out of other people's miseries. In this sad tragedy, it is the three girls parents whose happiness she is sucking every day. If others' sadness can give one strength, then we must conclude that she is indeed very strong because she sure must have earned the curses of many. First in line must be N P Veerasamy. One cannot describe in words his plight. He is the father of the girl kokilavani who is bravely going from pillar to post to try and get justice. His name which translates to "One who is Brave" has indeed shown exemplary courage to fight this intimidatory regime.

    Five years after the incident, no prosecutor has been appointed and the judge HJustice V Kanakaraj blasted the government for its inaction. . Mr Justice V Kanakaraj of the Madras High Court directed the Tamil Nadu government to explain the delay in ratifying the appointment of a new public prosecutor named by him in the Dharmapuri bus burning case while ordering the transfer of the case from Krishnagiri to Salem for a fresh trial way back in August 2003.

    Mr Justice Kanakaraj, while hearing a contempt petition, directed the Home Secretaries from that date till now to file a counter explaining ?every day's delay? and posted the case to Thursday next.

    The case relates to the burning down of a bus belonging to Coimbatore Agricultural University which was returning after a study tour. The bus was torched by AIADMK protestors near Dharmapuri in February 2000 after a special court in Chennai convicted their leader J Jayalalitha in the Kodaikanal Pleasant Stay Hotel case.
    Kokilavani and two other girl students were trapped inside the bus and were charred to death.

    After the AIADMK returned to power in May 2001, 20 of the 22 witnesses turned hostile. On a petition filed by Kokilavani's father N P Veerasamy, Mr Justice Kanakaraj on August 22, 2003 transferred the case from the court of Krishnagiri additional sessions court to a Salem sessions court. He also appointed senior advocate R Srinivasan as a special public prosecutor to conduct the re-trial after passing severe strictures against the police and other authorities.

  • Selvi Murugesan, sitting MLA from Kangeyam , is an accused in an FIR in a murder case and is not arrested still. Is Law taking its own course? Her party MLA is involved in a murder case and naturally Jayalalitha government does everything in her power to let them escape the lawful consequences. The victim Sivakumar (Selvi's son in law) is still awaiting justice. He was killed in the most dastardly way by smashing a boulder over his face. His wife Kavitha (Selvi's daughter) is trying everything she can to get justice. Her father along with her father's friend have allegedly made a cruel murder and every effort is made to help them escape justice. The police officer N Nagaraj conveniently let them off immediately after the arrest.

    June 04, 2004: MLA ?involved' in murder case :

Polygraph test has indicated the involvement of Tamil Nadu MLA Selvi Murugesan, her husband Murugesan and friend Govindaraj in the kidnap and murder of 28-year-old Sivakumar, the MLA's son-in-law. Also, police have gathered several other evidences to prove the charges against the accused.

To ascertain their role in the crime, City police subjected the accused to polygraph test at the Forensic Science Laboratory in the City last week. Selvi Murugesan is the AIADMK MLA of Kangeyam constituency in Erode district and her friend, Govindaraj is the president of MGR Fans' Association and president of Erode district unit of AIADMK.

?The accused were not cooperative during the polygraph test and they tried to defeat the test. But the patterns clearly indicate their involvement in the crime?, said an official. Police are taking the help of scientific tools in the investigation of this high-profile case. To strengthen the case further, police are subjecting the accused to Brain Finger Printing (brain mapping) test on June 6 and 7. They are also approaching the court to grant them permission to subject the accused to narco-analysis (truth serum) test.

The victim, Sivakumar, was kidnapped by three persons in a Maruti van while he was walking with his wife on Sarjapura Road in Koramangala police limits on April 10 night. On the following day, he was found murdered at a field in the Attibele Police Station limits in Bangalore Rural district. His head was smashed with a boulder. Police had established his identity on the basis of the driving licence.

The victim's wife, Kavitha, the only daughter of Selvi Murugesan, had lodged a complaint with police suspecting her parents involvement in the kidnap. However, the accused applied for anticipatory bail and a sessions court in Bangalore granted the bail on April 30. Following the court's direction, on May 7, they appeared before Assistant Commissioner of Police (Madivala Sub-division) N Nagaraj , the investigation officer. Mr Nagaraj released them immediately after the arrest.

Sivakumar and Kavitha, childhood friends, belonged to different castes. While Sivakumar was a Nadar, Kavita belongs to the Gounder community. They got married in June 2003 much against the wishes of Kavitha's parents. After their marriage, the couple stayed at Tirupur where Kavitha worked as a software engineer before shifting to Bangalore two months prior to the incident. Both of them were working at ALT Garment Training College near Bellandur Gate on Sarjapur Road in the City.

Police investigation revealed that Selvi and Murugesan had tried their best to stop their daughter's marriage with Sivakumar. They had threatened the victim and his parents.

After marriage, the accused beat up the couple and tore the marriage certificate when they met them in Chennai. Later, Sivakumar and Kavitha had given interviews to Nakkeeran and Tamil Times magazines stating that ?their life was at risk.?

  • Mrs S. Kanitha Sampath, sitting MLA from Tirupporur , is an accused in an FIR in a murder case and has still not been arrested. Is Law taking its own course?
  • M K Balan was an AIADMK MLA from Saidapet during 1991-96. In 1996 after DMK came to power he defected to DMK. It is reported that he had substantial sums of money belonging to the powerful persons with him and had not returned to them. After 2001, the Police are reported to have picked him and he has not returned. The High Court ordered the Police to produce him a couple of years ago and yet this is not done. Obviously, he is no more! A case of missing person or a case of missing truth?!

Misuse of the police force

Her regime has a fair number of False foisting of cases which the court ultimately throw out . Here are some of them.

  • TV actress Bhuvaneswari, reported to be friendly with Sudhakaran, was booked under SITA, later acquitted by the Court.
  • She arrested Muthu a former MGR assitant placed illegally under arrest for carrying drugs until court acquitted him . The false case against Muthu was foisted on him because he gave some recommendation to MGR against Jayalalitha. That was more than sufficient provocation for her to take revenge when she got to power.
  • Film actress Vinitha, reportedly refused to entertain the guests of powers that be and she was booked under SITA. She was later acquitted by the Court.
  • B. Thameen Ansari was illegally placed under Goondas act until HC acquitted him . This case is remarkably similar to the sankaracharya case. The poor gentleman whose rights were invaded by the cruel Tamilnadu police was Thameen Ansari. An excellent write-up on this illegal arrest can be found here .

    The Tamil Nadu police have concocted cases, out of thin air, complete with damning "evidence", and, in one of those cases, managed to keep a man in jail for 6 months under the Goonda's act. The only reason the truth ever came out in that case, was because the police made a mistake, and a tenacious defense attorney brought it to the attention of two honest High Court judges...
    Taslim Ansari, whom we briefly mentioned in our last editorial comment, spent 6 months in Velur Central prison as a bootlegger under the Goonda's act. His story, detailed in a number of press accounts, as well as in the High Court judgement of his case, is instructive of the way law enforcement works in Tamil Nadu. There's an interesting twist at the end of the story -- a celebrity surprise, shall we say? We hope that's enough of a teaser to keep you reading.
    It was late November, around midnight. Taslim Ansari was sound asleep in bed when the knock came at the door. Must be someone whose car broke down, thoughtTaslim. Over 25 years, he had built a good name for his thriving auto-repair business. He secured his lungi tightly as he walked to the door.
    It was Chengelpet Inspector J Sivakumar. He told Taslim to put on a shirt and come with him. Oh, and bring your cell phone, he instructed. Luckily, a neighbor saw Taslim leaving in the police jeep. He and Taslim's uncle followed it to the station, one on his Yamaha motorcycle and the other in his Maruti van. The jeep was inside the gate, so they returned home.
    The next day, when his family went to enquire after Taslim, the good Inspector demanded 1 lakh rupees for his release. When they pleaded that wasn't possible, Inspector Sivakumar said he would settle for a Toyota Qualis van in lieu. That was his final offer. Otherwise, he warned, I'll have your husband booked under the Goonda's Act and have him thrown in jail for a full year. Before Taslim's family and friends could leave the station, the inspector had his constables take their vehicles, a Yamaha motorcycle and a Maruti van.
    The Tamil Nadu police did exactly as they had promised. They scripted a case, casting Taslim as villain. It wasn't just an arbitrary accusation. They had incontrovertible evidence to prove the charges. Eyewitnesses had seen Taslim drive up in broad daylight to an abandoned Yamaha motorcycle in his Maruti van and load 3 bottles of tainted alcohol from it. When the police stopped him and inspected the van, they found it full of bottles of bootleg liqour, that smelled so foul, it made Inspector Sivakumar's eyes and nostrils burn. Forensic examination of the liquid proved it was tainted liqour.They arrested Taslim the bootlegger, and seized the two vehicles. It didn't take long for Taslim to confess everything during police interrogation. Afterwards, Taslim had, through his family, tried to influence senior officers to let him off the hook. The police had cell phone records to prove it.
    It was an open-and-shut case. Uncontradicted "eye-witness" statements, "forensic analysis" of the seized liqour, the "seized vehicles" (laced, perhaps with traces of spirit) and even a signed "confession" -- that was good enough for the sessions court. The court twice denied Taslim bail on the basis of this "solid" evidence. The District Collector of Kanchipuram didn't hesitate a bit to slap the Goonda's Act on Taslim. You see, even though he had no prior record, more than one charge arose from the present case.
    "Eye-witness testimony", "confessional statements", "forensic evidence", "cell phone records", "seized vehicles". Does any of this sound familiar?
    Where the story fell apart was in the Madras High Court. You see, Taslim's lawyer decided to do his own investigation. He decided to get the original bills for Taslim's mobile phone from Airtel. At first, the police blocked this. But, Taslim's attorney persisted. He sent a legal notice to Airtel, and forced them to send the original cell phone records, which were a bit different from the ones the police presented as evidence.
    Taslim's lawyer set to call up each of the numbers on the Airtel bill that occurred after Taslim was taken into custody. And you know what he discovered? Many of them were to Inspector Sivakumar's superiors. Of course, that only went to substantiate the prosecution claims that Taslim or his family sought to influence senior officers. But, in between all these, there were a number of calls to one particular private residence. It took a lot of footwork, but he finally figured out to whom the calls were placed: Inspector Sivakumar's ex-wife and his two children.
    The High Court judges saw through the whole charade. The Inspector had been the one making the phone calls to his superiors and to his children. And everyone else -- the other policemen witnesses, the prosecutor, the District Collector, they had all played along.
    Sivakumar emphasized one thing in his defense. He had only acted on orders from his superiors, who were fully apprised at each step of the way. And the fact of the matter is, this must be so. For, how else could such an elaborate set-up sustain?
    Someone had to arrange to get a sample of tainted liqour from the Prohibition Wing's cache to send to the lab. Someone had to corroborate the seizure of the bootleg and van, and arrange for the eye-witness testimony. Some other policemen had to corroborate the interrogation, and get Taslim's signature on blank pieces of paper for his "confession". Someone with clout had to make certain that the District Collector and the lower court magistrates would toe the line. Someone with authority had to intimidate the cell phone company, when the defense started to make trouble.
    A measly Inspector and two constables couldn't possibly acheive all this on their own.
    So, who do you think Inspector Sivakumar called first after he requisitioned Taslim Ansari's phone? It was the private cell number of an Additional District Superintendent of Police.
    That's right - none other than SIT Chief Investigating Officer, Mr. S.P. Shaktivel.

  • The arrest of sankaracharya. The entire case was foisted just like many of her other foisted case. She has used every available tool under her administration to thwart justice.
    1. Nakkeeran, a tamil daily, wrote a series of articles defaming the acharya well before September 2005. This is better understood if readers realize that S.P. Premkumar's brother-in-law is Nakkeeran's editor. Also S.P. Premkumar had said in an interview to Outlook magazine that conspiracy consists of three aspects ? motive, conduct, action. The cat has come out of the bag. Only to establish the ?bad conduct? of the sankaracharya, he and his brother-in-law cooked up stories to spread all kinds of misdemeanour about our spotless Acharyas. The information spread would be along the lines "Police have found incriminating evidence in Swarnamalya's house", "It is suspected that the acharya recommended the breakup of Swarnamalya and her husband" etc.
    2. The gullible media, both print and visual, played a big role in the process of Demonisation after the arrest was made. This helped the Police in denying the basic human rights to all those arrested. Systemically, at the time of every bail application, the prosecution planted demonising stories in the media in the form of confessions before magistrates, issues of money payments, escapades and escape plans. Such sensationalizing statements were made out of the blue in the Courts without any evidence. This includes (A) the spread of rumors regarding Usha (Cancer patient). (B) Anuradha Raman's accusations. (C) spreading rumors of links between cine actress Swarnamalya and the sankaracharya. (She denied this openly and her guts to stick to the truth is notable, because she is now in danger of being targeted to an attack similar in style to the acid bulbs attack that the erstwhile IAS Officer Ms. Chandralekha was unfortunately subjected to). (D) A CD on Acharya inside the prison was leaked to the media. The Acharya never lies on a bed and is always on the floor. They have manipulated the video as if they are shooting a cinema movie. (E) Bhaskar, a neuro-surgeon in chennai, is intimidated with summons and arrest because he is in charge of collecting funds for fighting this legal battle. (F) The chargesheet is leaked to Hindu newspaper even though the accused themselves to-date(Mar-19-2005) haven't received it.
    3. Soon after the placing of the Charge sheet in the feet of lord Varadaraja Perumal, the police officer, S.P. Premkumar said ? I am only an instrument! ? If one reads between the lines, we can see that he omitted the part ? in whose hands ?! There was some one who used him as instrument in this process of Demonisation. It could be none other than Jayalalithaa herself! She is the only person who could instruct this Superintendent of Police. Incidentally, S.P. Premkumar was found by the Election Commission to have campaigned for the AIADMK party in the recent 2004 Parliamentary elections! She is the one who flew to Kanchipuram by helicopter on 10th January 2004 after the bail was granted by Supreme Court and personally instructed Premkumar to arrest the Junior Acharya, His Holiness Sri Vijayendra Saraswati.
    4. Even after arrest, they froze all the accounts and filed cases of falsification of accounts only as a part of demonizing effort. This was rejected by the High Court, though the damage was done.
    5. Thirukkottiyur Madhavan's case is pursued even after the High Court has said there is no merit even in the complaint leave alone the case.

Violent retaliations

  • Acid was thrown at the face of K.K.S.S.R Ramachandran for not toeing her line.
  • Since Advocate Muthu Vijayan of ?Voice Consumer Forum' filed public interest litigations in Chennai High Court against her misdeeds, he was attacked by auto-bound gangs, causing 27 fractures to him.
  • Since Advocate Shanmugha Sundaram was preparing the petition on behalf of the then Alandur Municipal Chairman R S Bharathi against the purchase of TANSI land by Jayalalithaa and Sasikala, auto-bound gangs caused grievous hurt to him, including 9 punctures in his lungs. Her henchman Adhi Rajaram was rewarded with Rajya Sabha seat and by public protest, the move was given up. He is the South Chennai District Secretary now. 14. Since Chief Election Commissioner T N Seshan, was not abetting her anti-democratic methods in the poll process, he was refused room in the State Guest House and Taj Coromandel Hotel was ransacked by her auto-bound hooligans, just because Taj allotted him room to stay!
  • As Chief Election Commissioner Seshan visited Chennai despite her warnings to him, the entire GST Road in front of the Chennai Airport was blocked by thousands of her party men virtually laying a siege of the Airport. The Chief Secretary and the DGP refused to clear them from the Road, even when the Chief Election Commissioner told them to clear! The people from various parts of the State who were on the way to Chennai could not enter Chennai for five hours, because of this!! She did not hesitate to put her own citizens to hardship and miseries, just because T N Seshan was firm in the performance of his duties!!!
  • She approved the S P I C divestment, much against the advice of the then Industries Secretary, Chandralekha. Chandralekha was transferred as Archives Commissioner. That was not enough. Jayalalithaa hired hooligans and acid was thrown at Chandralekha's face! Surla of Mumbai who was accused, allegedly died of Aids inside the prison???
  • Inside the Assembly, Thamaraikani punched the then Minister Veerapandi S Arumugham, at the behest of Jayalalithaa. He was arrested by the DMK Government police, but was later let off.
  • At the inauguration of the Coimbatore New Air terminal, the then Coimbatore M.P. (Congress-I) C.K.Kuppuswamy in his speech, first addressed the President of the said function and then only uttered the words "Hon'ble Chief minister Ms Jayalalithaa". She felt ?humiliated' by this ?sinful' act because her name was not mentioned first. So her men attacked the M.P even as he was returning home from the very same function.
  • P.Chidambaram was way laid and attacked by more than six MLAs of AIADMK at Tiruchy as he had opposed Jayalalithaa in 1996 elections, as TMC functionary.
  • Three Coimbatore Agricultural College girls were burnt to death inside their bus in Dharmapuri, as fallout of her conviction in the Pleasant Stay Hotel case.
  • She has the dubious distinction of arresting even the Union Cabinet ministers. Her Police arrested Karunanidhi (then 79 years old) dead of night, dragged through the stair case as he was not walking as fast as the agile Policemen in his own residence! Justice Ashok kumar (then Principal Sessions Judge) questioned the prosecution on the methods of arrest of Karunanidhi, Union Ministers Maran and T R Balu, he was threatened with death.
  • The DMK procession to condemn the arrest of Karunanidhi was brutally attacked by organised Goondas, with the full aid and abetment of the Police, but she meticulously planned a judicial enquiry and cleared all her misdeeds of any legal allegations. Curiously, none of the Hooligans who caused death and grievous injury to hundreds of DMK men was ever booked under Goondas Act!
  • VN Sudhakaran, her foster son was booked under Narcotics Act as he went against her with lot of money.
  • Two Muslim brothers (Jalaluddin and Ziauddin of Silicon Valley Company, 14 Jagannathan Street, Nungambakkam) were booked under Narcotics Act as they were friendly with Sudhakaran. Their sister was reported to be friendly with Sudhakaran.
  • Sherija Banu of Madurai, reported to be friendly with Natarajan, was booked under Narcotics Act.
  • Vaiko was incarcerated for over eighteen months under POTA, on the charge that he spoke in favour of banned LTTE. Even as the Review Committee ruled that there was no ground under law that would be attracted by the said speech, she took every step under her powers to stall his release, that he ultimately was released only after one and half years.
  • She misused the Police force fully so that Vaiko would not be allowed to complete the Pada Yatra that he took peacefully with over 1000 volunteers in the most disciplined manner by any political party in independent India.
  • Mayiladuthurai M.P.Mani Shankar Iyer differed with Jayalalithaa's views on Sonia Gandhi at a Government function to commence certain welfare schemes in Nagapattinam, he was waylaid as he was returning from the function, by her men led by the Party's Organising Secretary.
  • Her auditor Rajashekar was attcked severely inside Poes Garden premises itself because of difference of opinion amongst them. What takes the cake is after viciously attacking him, she sends him a bouquet of flowers and a get-well-soon card. She also releases an ironic statement that is characteristic of her: " ' 'I am too cultured to indulge in such an uncivilised act ''!!! That is vintage Jayalalitha. First commit the crime, then blame it on your opponents, then boast about yourself sky high. This pattern can be seen repeatedly over and over.

    Attempt to murder case filed against Jaya: (Interesting quote: 'I am too cultured to indulge in such an uncivilised act)
    Assault charge scuttles Congress hopes of allying with Jaya:
    Sasikala's nephew Mahadevan arrested in Rajasekaran assault case:
    TN Opposition demands Jaya, Sasikala's arrest for assault:

  • Attempt to use the parliament to arrest the editors of the "Hindu".
  • An old couple in Dr. rangachari road alwarpet were attacked by goondas in their house because they refused to sell their house to her
  • Gangai Amaran had to sell his paiyanoor farm house because JJ took a fancy to that .

Intimidatory tactics

  • Since Justice A R Lakshmanan (then Madras High Court) gave judgments uncomfortable to her Government,she arrested his Son-in-law Kumar under Narcotics Act.
  • Since Justice M Srinivasan (Madras High Court) was not inclined to give judgments as she wanted ( ), his house was attacked by auto-bound hooligans; electricity and water supply to his house were disconnected.
  • The Amrutanjan Residence in Nageswara Rao Park Road, Mylapore was forcibly taken possession by her men.
  • The Kodai International School was forcibly occupied by her men, throwing out school children at the dead of night. It was Justice Ashok kumar (then District Judge, Dindigul) who restored it to the School by judicial intervention. For this reason he was transferred to Dharmapuri and Tiruvannamalai, to cause personal inconvenience to him. He faced physical threats too.

Acting childishly

  • Electricity was cut for the KJ hospital in poonamalee high road when the injured advocate Mr.shanmughasundaram was taken for emergency treatment.
  • When Mr.Subramaniam Swamy was interviewed by Mr.Rabi Bernard for "face To Face" programme at the height of Tansi case and chandrakekha acid case jj cut off the electricity in sun tv area for 15 to 20 min .
  • Union Minister Arunachalam was forced to get down from the plane in order to make way for Jayalalitha

Total Disregard for comman man

  • The notorious wedding that paralysed the City of Chennai for over a week
  • She dismissed at one stroke, over 1,00,000 striking Government employees and teachers, their protest was not for any increase in wages but because their present benefits were cut. She went up to Supreme Court to prove her powers to so dismiss, got a three member judges panel constituted and held enquiries for nearly nine months and finally reinstated all but about 9000 employees. After the 2004 parliamentary elections, she reinstated all of them, What happened to all the judicial exercise that went through even postponing many other cases pending before various courts and the costs involved in the three member judicial panel exercise? Does not the State lose money for the whims and fancies of a CM? Is she above law and justice?


  • As soon as MGR died, she publicly accused that Janaki Ramachandran administered poison in buttermilk and murdered MGR.
  • In May 1991, as soon as Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, she accused that it was Karunanidhi who organised the assassination. She organised, through her AIADMK party, attacks on all DMK offices and party men's residences so as to create terror in their minds and thereby prevented them to effectively canvass in the elections and mange the booths. The insinuation she made to her party cadres at the time of Rajiv's death is very much recorded in the print media, the statement she released on the occasion (nearly three-fourth of a page in Dina Thanthi) contained the word "Blood" more than few hundred times! Her first poll victory was only on this platform and for this purpose she did not even bother about basic human decency and printed life size posters of Rajiv Gandhi's body with his entire torso and back fully exposed. This we state here to show as to what indecent extent she will go to secure political victory.
  • In the 1996 assembly elections, as Mooppanar aligned with DMK, she accused Mooppanar of conspiring with Karunanidhi in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination.
  • In the 2004 parliamentary elections, as Congress(I) formed an alliance with DMK, she questioned the ?Pathi Bhakthi' of Sonia Gandhi since she is hobnobbing with the assassins of Rajiv.
  • On 25 January 1989, she masterminded the ?war' inside the Assembly premises. She accused and made the whole world believe, ably supported by the gullible media, that it was Durai Murugan who pulled her Sari inside the Assembly premises, whereas in fact it was she who threw the Budget Speech at the then CM Karunanidhi and in the melee that followed, Durai Murugan just stamped on the Sari that was left to flow on the floor! The entire show was preplanned.
  • In the floor of the Assembly, she accused the then Governor Chennai Reddy of misbehaving with her during a meeting in Raj Bhavan.

Wild Claims

  • During S P I C divestment trial proceedings in the Court, she denied her own signature in the Government files in approval!
  • During the wealth case trial proceedings in the Court, she stated that the Maharaja of Mysore out of love and affection gifted the jewels to her mother! It is another matter that she declared in the floor of the Legislative Assembly that she was a Brahmin (Naan Paapaathithaan)!! Ironically both the platforms were constitutionally honourable ones!!!
  • After the 2004 parliamentary elections, she reversed every one of her controversial decisions taken before the elections, including the Anti-conversion law and Prohibition of animal offerings at the Altar of temples. Not satisfied with her Pariharams offered to the Minority Vote Bank, she has offered the Shankara Mutt at the Altar of this vote bank. Always she indulges in big and huge offerings like an elephant, a Golden Kavacham, Golden crown studded with Navaratnas, Golden sword and the like.


  1. Manitham newscast appealing for help.
  2. Appeal for help on the illegal detention of Human Rights officials by Premkumar.
  3. In the dharmapuri bus burning case, Five years after the incident, no prosecutor has been appointed and justice is being denied to date.
  4. Justice V Kanakaraj ordering retrial of the Dharmapuri bus case
  5. Selvi Murugesan, accused in the Murder case
  6. Muthu, a MGR Assistant is released by the courts
  7. B. Thameen Ansari, acquitted by the High Court after a false case was foisted on him. His case is similar in many aspects to the Sankaracharya case. The Police officer, Shaktivel was involved in this foisting case.
  8. Blogpost Write-up on the foisting of an illegal arrest of B Thameen Ansari. Shaktivel was involved in this foisting case.
  9. 22-Mar-1999. Thamiraikani, an AIADMK MLA, assaults then Minister Veerapandi S Arumugham
  10. 23-Mar-1999. Thamiraikani, an AIADMK MLA, arrested for punching then Minister Veerapandi S Arumugham
  11. Hon'ble High Court Justice M Srinivasan giving a judgement against Jayalalitha.
  12. Union Minister Arunachalam was forced to get down from the plane in order to make way for Jayalalitha