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Satyameva Jayatey!

The Purpose of this web site

1.To act as a Support Group for all Hindus and followers of Dharma, who feel that their heritage and culture are being damaged by the recent false accusations.

2.To channelise the energy and force of the Hindus and followers of Dharma, on the unfortunate events being unfolded in Tamilnadu, India.

3.To spread the real news to the anxious devotees around the world, who were usually getting negative and untrue media reports.

4.To create the awareness and try to find the answers to many unanswered questions at the same time.

5.To link all the devotees who would like to do something about this.

Please also note:


1.This web site has been created by and is maintained by a group of individuals located across the globe, in various countries outside India.

2.Posts/Topics that are against the above objectives, and that are not in line with the Terms & Conditions, will be removed.

3.We respect and welcome members who have sincere participation on their minds.

4.We encourage users to post on the existing topics whenever possible.

5.At any page on the web site, use the email us link on top of the page to send us a confidential email.

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