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The problems with new registration of users have been SOLVED now. Thank you!.

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Please use the “Ask Admin” forum to send us your questions. As you would probably notice (or have noticed), that messages in that forum are viewable by everyone.

Hence, you may also use the form below if you would like to email us directly. To protect your anonymity, we don’t insist on your email address below. However, if you expect a reply from us, you would need to provide a valid email address.

If you are contacting us about any errors or problems in using the forum, then please include the following in the comments section:

  • Your username, if you have registered on the forums
  • If you have never successfully logged in before (Please remember that, after registration, you would have received an email to activate your registration)
  • If received an error, please remember to include the error message text that you received.