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Recent Video Clippings of Shree HH Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal and Pictures of Shree THEIR Holiness

A Devotee was blessed to be present when H.H. visited the Sri Matam for the first time (since 11/11) on March 28th. H.H.did an Archana at the Brindavan of Sri Maha Swamiji with Saffron. After the Harati, H.H. proceeded to Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple, where H.H. did Milk Abhishekam to Goddess Kamakshi. On the way to the temple, H.H. stopped by at an Old Sivan Temple.

On March 31st, the same devotee was directed by H.H. to go to Holy Brindavan to take part in the Brindavan puja. The devotee after witnessing the Brindavan Puja, did Paduka Puja to the Holy Padukas of Sri Maha Swamiji, wherein Sri Dikshidar Mama did the Sankalpam for a favorable result of that day’s proceedings in the court. While the Holy Paduka puja was going on in the Holy Brindavan, the proceedings were going on in the court. H.H. after accepting the chargesheet went straight from the court to Orikkai, where, a huge monument is under construction by SSSMM Trust for Sri Maha Swamiji. The devotee, who was instructed to come to Orikkai, joined H.H with other devotees. The gathered devotees were blessed to hear about the important significance of the various pillars and designs from H.H.and from the resident Sthapathi Sri Kandaswamy. The devotee was able to take pictures and videos of that holy event.

The devotee has gladly shared all the videos and pictures of the events on the 28th and the 31st.

The pictures of HH Shree Periva, HH Shree Periva’s visit to Orikai Mani Pandapam Site and HH Shree Bala Periva can be seen here.

HH Shree Periva performing Pooja at Maha Perivaas Brindavanam

HH Shree Periva performing Aarathi at Maha Perivaas Brindavanam

Bajans by Devotees at Maha Perivaa Brindavanam on the Chargesheet day (Mar, 31, 2005)

HH Shree Periva & Devotees – Stop 1

HH Shree Periva & Devotees – Stop 2

HH Shree Periva at Orikai – 1

HH Shree Periva at Orikai – 2

HH Shree Periva at Orikai – 3

HH Shree Periva at Orikai – 4

HH Shree Periva at Orikai – 5

HH Shree Periva at Orikai – 6

HH Shree Periva at Orikai – 7

HH Shree Periva at Orikai – 8

HH Shree Periva at Orikai – 9

The above videos will be available till July 20, 2005. Each file can be downloaded by anyone a maximum of 5 times during a 24 hour period. After the fifth download, recipients will need to setup their own Free Xdrive account to view the file.